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Celebrating 25 Years of PSL Automation

Security for pupils, ease of use for staff at Kenilworth School

Kenilworth Primary School had two main security and safety issues: the lower car park area was accessible to pupils (and visitors had access to play areas) and to maintain vehicle control staff had to get in and out of their cars to operate the gates. Also there was no control over the pedestrian access to the school meaning unwanted visitors were a possibility.

The proposed solutions included a 1800mm high fence system with lockable gates to secure the play area away from the car park area and automation systems for both existing vehicle and pedestrian gates with an access control system to make access easier for staff and visitors.

We have worked with other local schools so were awarded the contract based upon our reputation, professionalism and value for money.

The project started with a site meeting so we could assess exactly what was required and then plan the job with the minimum disruption for the school as well as meet the tight timescale. We were able to carry out the fencing work during term time but for health and safety reasons it was not possible to carry out the work on the main gates until a half term break.

All work to the car park fencing was completed in one week with minimal disruption to the car park area or school life.

During the winter half term break the automation and access control was installed for the vehicle and pedestrian gates with commissioning, demonstration and handover completed the following week.

Now the school is secure for the pupils and when the teachers drive up to the automatic gates they can open them without leaving their cars. The school was pleased with the result and the speed of completion.