Custom made gates, balustrades and railings, designed with style, constructed by craftsmen.


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Celebrating 25 Years of PSL Automation

Owners of beautiful homes come to us for top quality gates, balustrades, railings and outdoor staircases, because our manufacturing is second to none and we work with them to achieve precisely and exactly their vision. We once produced a balustrade using the design from a carpet!

Our skills enable us to perfect balustrades for multi-storey staircases including tricky twists and turns that look beautiful viewed from below plus are comfortable to use.

Our customers are particular about all aspects including colour to match or contrast with interior schemes so we pay particular attention to achieving the perfect shade.

We take the utmost care and follow stringent safety standards during installation, we never forget, it’s your home.

Click for drawings of some of our gate designs; all can be adapted to suit your requirements.