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Celebrating 25 Years of PSL Automation

Residential gates for a traditional farmhouse

PSL supplied and installed timber gates that needed to be in keeping with a characterful farmhouse and cottage garden but it was equally important the gates were secure – not so much to keep intruders out rather to keep the Dachshund and ducks in!

The other consideration was that at times the gates needed to be operated from horseback so optimum height for the access controls was an important factor.

“We are pleased with the end result, the gates work well and look good, they keep the ducks in without looking at all like security gates. We like the house name carved into the gates too. David was business-like and efficient to deal with, Bruce was excellent and the rest of the team was very helpful, they are tidy workers too and didn’t ever leave a mess. The gates have even been copied by a neighbour so they are obviously impressive”.

Mr and Mrs S, Hertfordshire