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Celebrating 25 Years of PSL Automation

New swing gates make access easier and more reliable

We first worked with distributors T G Lynes when the company moved premises and needed one of the existing manual gates to be automated. It was intended to be a short-term solution but the gates were actually in place for seven years.

When the time came for T G Lynes to change the layout of their site a revamp of the entry was called for so we were commissioned to install a new pair of swing gates set centrally in the approach and around 1500mm back from the existing gate line.

In the past lorries tended to clip the non-automated gate so we created a centralised opening together with side panels making a funnel effect. The existing access control methods have been retained and interfaced with the new system. After satisfactory testing, the technical file was completed, the gates CE marked and paperwork issued to T G Lynes.

Bob Pratt at T G Lynes commented “it’s always good to use local companies and the fact that PSL is round the corner has been great especially when the old gates came to the end of their useful life and servicing and maintenance costs were increasing. But the reason we use PSL is more than the fact they are local: their service is great, they don’t drag the job out and they are friendly and professional to deal with. In fact we are on first name terms and have built a good relationship”.

Working with Bob we identified what was needed to suit the future requirements for access to the goods yard and we delivered the ideal solution for T G Lynes, a pair of automated gates mean the overall entrance is wider and therefore easier for vehicles to access.